10 WWE Wrestlers Who Could Have (And Should Have) Wrestled The Undertaker At WrestleMania

1. Samoa Joe


Okay, granted, there was probably only one opportunity to pair Joe up against 'Taker. Because at WrestleMania 33, they were convinced it truly was 'Taker's last ride, so it made sense to feed him to someone like Roman Reigns, who they had been building for years. That means 'Mania 32 was the one feasible opportunity to have then-NXT superstar Joe go up against 'Taker. However, that wouldn't have made any business sense, and as it turned out, 'Taker's match against Shane McMahon was what ended up moving a lot of tickets.

But nuts to that, this is a speculative article, so we're allowed to daydream. The HIAC match with Shane was utter toss, and a complete waste of 'Taker. Wouldn't it have been so much cooler to have the Deadman go up against one of the best big men in all of wrestling? You've got Joe, who already had such a storied career, finally in WWE, and instead of calling him up to feud with 'Taker, we had a sad debacle that involved Shane jumping off a cell.

With the likelihood that this match with Cena is 'Taker's swan song (knock on wood), a dream match with Joe and all the others on this list will have to remain in our heads.

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