10 WWE Wrestlers Who NEED A Great 2018

Under pressure.


Dealing with pressure is part and parcel of being a professional wrestler, or indeed anyone whose day-job consists of performing in front of a live crowd (especially one without compunction about shouting drunken obscenities).

But the pressures aren't necessarily the same for everyone. If John Cena or Brock Lesnar screw up in 2018, they can probably celebrate Christmas next year secure in the knowledge that their position on the WWE card won't be affected too much.

For others, the future is a lot more uncertain. There are one or two wrestlers who desperately need a strong showing over the coming 12 months - either because they performed below expectations this year, or simply because this could be their last chance saloon.

What makes this even more stressful is the fact that their fates are, to a large extent, outside of their own hands. It's one of wrestling's great truisms that you're only really as good as your booking, which is presided over by an often maligned creative team headed by Vince McMahon.

If you do get the chance to make amends, then, you really need to grab it with both hands...

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