11 HUGE WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Predictions You Need To Know

Extremely Crappy Wrestling


For a company creatively malfunctioning as aggressively as WWE are at present, it should come as no shock that they're now seemingly unable to effectively deliver the gimmick/themed pay-per-view they were once so fond of.

Extreme Rules remains the last living ember of Paul Heyman's innovative and evocative ECW - a show borne from the rebranded crew's 'One Night Stand' supercards that gradually morphed into a WWE production loaded with enough gimmicks to keep the card interesting no matter how moribund the pairings were.

No such luck this year. Just as 2017's Clash Of Champions promoted a tag team main event with no titles at steak, how the only Backlash to the may supershow came from the early-exiting audience and how the Greatest Royal Rumble was actually f*cking sh*t, Extreme Rules remains bizarrely low on bells, whistles and - most importantly - interest.

Once the explosive location for battles between John Cena and Brock Lesnar or Evolution and The Shield, Extreme Rules has now been relegated to summertime filler - trapped in the deepest valley following the steepest and lengthiest post-WrestleMania slump since records began. With less than 50% of the card actually gimmicked, the remainder looks remarkably intimidating for a viewer already over-stuffed with meaningless filler on the weekly shows.

'The Beast' and 'The Champ' will of course be nowhere near the nothing pay-per-view, as won't Triple H's suited crew. The Shield, however...


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