11 Things We Learned From WWE 24: Kofi Kingston

Kofi was lucky to last his first week in WWE.

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At WrestleMania this past April, Kofi Kingston entered himself into the firmament of pro-wrestling folklore when he became the first African-born superstar to lift WWE's top championship. It was one of the feel-good moments of the decade, and for once, given how often they parrot the phrase, truly historic.

As part of the country's commemorative 'Year of Return' programme, the new WWE Champion packed his bags in early June and flew all the way across the Atlantic to his birth nation of Ghana for the first time in over 25 years. Whilst re-connecting with his roots, Kingston set about inspiring a whole generation of African youngsters to follow in his footsteps. He also did some weaving.

WWE's ever-intrepid documentarians trailed The New Day man as he recommuned on the Gulf of Guinea, capturing every leg of his tour - up to and including an audience with the King of Asante - all the whilst quizzing him on his life, his rise, and what has surely been the most memorable year of his career.

We learned a few cool new things along the way. Mostly that Kofi's just a super dude.

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Editorial Team

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