11 WWE Wrestlers With Multiple 5 Star Matches

These guys knew what Uncle Dave's sweet spot was.


Hey guys, we're talking about Dave Meltzer and his star ratings system again! Cue the chorus of "Why does anyone care about what Dave Meltzer says?" as well as "Dave Meltzer didn't give Shawn and Undertaker five stars, his opinion is invalid!"

Seriously though, yes, it is a bit old hat to discuss star ratings, especially when it comes to Uncle Dave, but in the case of WWE, it's actually quite special. As of the recent NXT TakeOver: New Orleans, the company now has an extra two 5 star matches to boast about, when historically, they only had six. This also means that WWE now have an additional three wrestlers who have multiple 5 star matches from Dave Meltzer.

It can be tricky to determine who are the "best" wrestlers to ever step foot in WWE, but when you consider that Meltzer awards matches 5 stars based on how they get over with the crowd based on the work in the ring, you're certainly in the conversation if you have that honor multiple times. These gentlemen got many of their 5 star ratings outside of WWE, but that doesn't change the fact that while in WWE, they were (or are) some of he very best at what they do.

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