12 Early Predictions For WWE WrestleMania 35

HHH Vs. N-N-Notorious.


WWE faces a not inconsiderable struggle ahead of WrestleMania 35.

Following the events of WrestleMania 34, we know now not to expect anything approaching a 'Mania-level performance from The Undertaker. Where we once bargained, we now accept that the Dead Man finds himself in the epilogue of his career, capable only of a cameo or, as was the case at Greatest Royal Rumble, a deeply average and static match. John Cena seems as finished as a big match performer as he is a full-time performer, having not "stolen the freakin' show!" since Royal Rumble 2017. Triple H cannot go back to his usual 25-minute epic - for the sake of his ego, if nothing else. If sequenced poorly, very good matches stand no chance of generating a reaction on the bloated Grandest Stage. Boring matches...

WWE is in danger of making mortal its part-time attractions as, all the while, it mismanages the full-time roster with an even more drastic incompetence than usual.

All of which, converged with the tiring slog of a duration, may conspire to f*ck up up the un-f*ck-up-able: we may, depending on the complexion of the card, dread WrestleMania. In a world in which Vince McMahon didn't coronate Roman Reigns in New Orleans, nothing is sacred.

So with a pragmatic and yet optimistic eye - it's 'Mania - dispensing with the usual token Battle Royal rubbish...


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