12 WWE Stars Who Got Lost In The Mix

Does anyone remember that Just Joe existed at all?

This is a look at former WWE talent who never quite got the exposure or opportunity. Some were the victim of timing, while others just floundered as another face in a crowded roster. Despite working for the company for several years, most of their appearances were on the C-level shows (programs such as International Heat, Jakked or WWE Superstars). They may be gone and to many, they were forgotten. For every Undertaker, there's a Braden Walker. Some went on to stardom in other companies while many just faded away. It's a tough business.

12. Trent Barreta (2010-2011)

Barreta actually spent more than five years under WWE contract with long stints in Florida (FCW/NXT) developmental. Barreta€™s real debut on WWE television was in a tag team with Caylen Croft known as €œThe Dude Busters€ on ECW TV at the end of November 2009. As the ECW brand ended in February 2009 (with NXT replacing the Tuesday timeslot), The Dude Busters joined Smackdown where they ended up just two more guys. When his partner Caylen Croft was released in November 2010, Barreta ended up as a singles competitor. He spent 2011 as a guy who mostly lost on WWE Superstars. Occasionally he jobbed on Smackdown for the likes of Jinher Mahal, Ted DiBiase Jr. and Wade Barrett. He spent 2012 off WWE television working in NXT and recovering from a tricep injury. Currently only 27 years old, Trent Barreta may someday return to WWE. Since he left the company in January 2013 he€™s wrestled promotions around the world including New Japan, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, FIP, wXw and TNA.
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