12 WWE SummerSlam 2019 Impulse Reactions

A SummerSlam of second chances in Toronto as Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins are reborn...


SummerSlam was looking slick and sleek before the day of the show when WWE elected to add two more matches to a bloated undercard in order to flesh out the two-hour Kickoff Show. They couldn't help themselves there, but it thankfully wasn't a sign of things to come.

This could have been a piece lamenting the production of a supercard for all the usual reasons about all the usual Network executive bonuses, but instead, WWE favoured the good of the product first and foremost. The ten-match card appeared to be the perfect balance between the Network-era pay-per-views and the old three-hour events, and 2019's 'Biggest Party Of The Summer' thankfully lived up to its name for all the wright reasons rather than just because it lasted f*cking ages. It was celebratory as much in what it left out as what it kept in, too.

Roman Reigns has been walking around backstage looking over his shoulder of late, but his was a payoff and match thankfully saved for another day. After watching SummerSlam's other angles play out, his plight will be a welcome addition to the September/October slump, as will Kofi Kingston's certain rematch with Randy Orton.

Almost everything else on the show helped conclude a programme, and all within a reasonable timeframe. Could this - the final big four show before All Elite Wrestling's October launch - be a sign of things to come?


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