13 Hidden Meanings Behind Outlandish WWE Evolution Attires

Special occasion threads as Evolution stars dress to impress...


In her pre-show red carpet interview, Stephanie McMahon compared Evolution to WrestleMania. Unlike much of her hyperbole before the event and the limitless times we'll hear her talk about it in the future though, this wasn't some joyless dollar-driven platitude.

A house show it may have initially been booked as, and a B-show it may have been produced by, but Evolution was by far the 'Grandest Stage' for the performers able to work it. An all-women's pay-per-view was a concept WWE were late over the line with, but their insistence on ensuring the show went well almost guaranteed that everybody profiled would have one of the best nights of the career.

Is that - in terms of investment in gear - not more of a reason to drop money on fancy threads here instead of for a 'Show Of Shows' battle royal next Spring?

From sentimental nods for friends and legends past, to cosplays and pointed colour schemes, the usual array of awesome attires couldn't steal focus from the matches themselves (and to be honest, that was a welcome change), but they were worthy of investigation and celebration nonetheless.


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