15 Biggest Wrestling Narcissists

They think they're cute, they know they're sexy.

Shawn Michaels and Sherri

One of wrestlings most enduring characters is the narcissist, the guy whose apparent motivation in becoming a professional grappler is to loudly point out his own perceived attractiveness.

It's a specific subtype of egotistical heel; Ric Flair might bring up his success with women, but that was all about status. Mr. Perfect was literally perfect at everything, but they never asked us to believe that this Minnesotan dad was supposed to also be a sex symbol.

I've also chosen to omit examples of the related-but-distinct ladies man character. Val Venis may have been beloved by the fairer sex, but his primary goal was never to tell us that he was.

The following 15 men are true luminaries in the fields of mirror-gazing, self-worship, fat-shaming audience members, and, uh, wrestling, I guess.

15. The Gorgeous JR

AKA: The Toast of the Coast with the Utmost

Bringing up the rear is this sad little dude from cult favorite promotion IPW. You know, the one with Jumpin Jeff Farmer. Despite his boasts of being 240 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal and fine, so very fine, Gorgeous JR looked like your uncle working the day shift at a male strip joint.

Even though he swore he was the mens fright and the womens delight, JR is best known for the above series of interviews, where he grows increasingly agitated that things just aren't going his way. Perhaps they had to conspire against you because you were just too gorgeous, JR.


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