15 Most Shocking WrestleMania Moments Of All Time

14. Ultimate Warrior Returns At WrestleMania 8

WWF fans hadn€™t seen The Ultimate Warrior since Summerslam 1991, where Vince McMahon €œcouldn€™t wait to fire him.€ Still, the allure of the Warrior was too much for Vince McMahon to neglect, and with Hogan taking a year off after Wrestlemania 8 in the wake of steroid allegations, another top star needed to take his place at the top of the card. Enter the Warrior. After Hogan defeated Sid Justice by disqualification in the main event of Wrestlemania 8, he was double teamed by Sid and Papa Shango (who missed his cue to interfere). Suddenly, the Ultimate Warrior€™s music hit, and he cleaned house, posing with Hogan to end the show. In an era before dirt sheets and spoilers, Warrior€™s return was a legitimate shock, and a great way to end the show, with the two icons of wrestling, who battled each other two years prior, reunited. It didn€™t last long, however, as Warrior would be released again later that year.

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