15 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (May 21)

Becky's mom has got it goin' on...

Kofi Kingston Dolph Ziggler

There shall be no big title rematch between Kofi Kingston and Kevin Owens at Super Show-Down on 7 June. KO has decided he doesn't want to go to Saudi Arabia, and that means Dolph Ziggler has been drafted back in out of the cold to take his place. Following SmackDown, it's on: ex-US, Intercontinental and Tag-Team rivals Dolph and Kofi will war over the WWE Title.

Bring it on.

Whether you're keen on the Saudi shows or not, this should be a great match. Owens wanted a head start to find a place to watch it, which is presumably why he fled the scene on Tuesday. That's just one of the things you might've missed from the two-hour weekly; we've got 14 more right here, including fan signs, fan reactions and...New Day hitting on Becky Lynch's mother.

Other gems include an unfortunate landing for the banged-up Ali, a stunning outburst from Corey Graves on commentary that left Byron Saxton speechless, a potential production snafu involving Sami Zayn backstage and some brill timing from Lacey Evans during one of those screen-in-screen ad breaks...


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