17 Things You Probably Missed From WWE Raw (May 13)

YOWIE WOWIE! Why so serious?

Lacey Evans Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair

The MVP of this week's Raw wasn't Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Seth Rollins or even AJ Styles. No, it was one Lacey Evans, the woman who will challenge Becky for the Raw Women's Title at Money In The Bank. The 'Sassy Southern Belle' is responsible for three of the 17 things you might've missed on this list.

One of them was a load of balls. Literally.

Speaking of b*llocks, the insanely convoluted 'Wild Card Rule' continued this week, and WWE changed then broke their own rules within the same program again. Implementing this booking, whether it was born out of pressure from TV execs or not, so soon after the Superstar Shake-Up has damaged the entire purpose of a mini-Draft. There might as well be no brand split at all.

Elsewhere on the list, there's a load of athleticism to admire from Bobby Lashley, Cesaro and Rey Mysterio. Cesaro apparently also has (Swiss) Superman-like reflexes too, and so do WWE fans in London; they somehow managed to get out of frame just as someone went to take a pic of them in the stands.


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