17 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (19 March)

Throwback references to pushes of yesteryear and flipping the script rule...

Daniel Bryan Kofi Kingston

Daniel Bryan broke fan hearts when he blasted Kofi Kingston with that running knee strike and pinned him on SmackDown. Never fear, fellow fans, because there are two episodes before WrestleMania 35 to get through, and it's likely that 'KofiMania' will indeed run wild after all.

Speaking of running wild, that's exactly what we'll be doing here. There were loads of nuances to pick through on this week's show, and that wasn't a certainty going in; anyone who has followed this series will know that promos and skits often offer up more hidden moments than matches, but Tuesday's Gauntlet was an exception to that rule.

Here, you'll find babyfaces acting like heels on the other brand, kids who look like their dad's next big opponent, Kevin Owens bucking the trend and throwing everyone off the scent in one segment, security extras determined to get their 15 minutes of fame, announcers getting their wires crossed and more.

There's also pancakes, continuity, cameo appearances for free agents and quite excellent nods back to a time when Kofi was considered a future World Champ...


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