17 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (July 9)

Sexual innuendos, Roman Reigns aping WrestleMania XXV, KO spitting truth and more...

Kevin Owens

Truth hurts.

By that logic, Shane McMahon must've been in agony on SmackDown this week. Kevin Owens had some strong words for the 'Boy Wonder', claiming that he steals valuable television time from more deserving full-timers on the roster. Bonus points if you can ring off every name KO mentioned right now. Go!

Only kidding. This article has your back there anyway. Owens called out some interesting names, and they're all ones hardcore fans will agree could do with some on screen minutes more than McMahon. That's just one of 17 things you may well have missed on the go-home show for this weekend's Extreme Rules pay-per-view. The other 16 offer up quite the variety of subjects.

How about sexual innuendos from New Day, sneaky hypocrisy from a hated heel, AEW references from the fans, Finn Bálor talking about New Japan, Aleister Black keeping everyone guessing and Roman Reigns identikit performance to his partner The Undertaker? There's so much to get stuck into.

Other gems include production gaffes, interesting wardrobe choices and more 'Firefly Fun House' cameos from Bray Wyatt's cast of mascot characters...


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