2 MORE WWE Raw Superstars Moved To SmackDown

Remember when the Superstar Shake-Up DIDN'T last two weeks?

The B Team

Fans could have been forgiven for thinking that WWE's post-Superstar Shake-Up tinkering concluded with Aleister Black, Andrade, Zelina Vega, and Jinder Mahal move from Raw to SmackDown this week, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Curtis Axel and Bo Dalllas wrestled a blue brand dark match at this week's tapings, falling to Heavy Machinery before the main card had started. Little was made of this at the time, and WWE themselves are yet to confirm the move, but this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter sees Dave Meltzer reporting that Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel have, indeed, jumped from Mondays to Tuesdays.

It looks like the duo could be set for a change of name, too. As reported by PWInsider earlier in the week, WWE recently filed a new trademark for "B-Team University," presumably for Axel and Dallas to use in some shape or form.

SmackDown's tag division isn't looking too hot at the moment, with The Usos moving to Raw in the Shake-Up, The Bar splitting with Sheamus' injury and Cesaro's own switch to Raw, Big E's torn meniscus putting The New Day on ice, and Jeff Hardy's injury putting his and brother Matt's title reign in jeopardy.

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