20 Best Wrestling Books Ever

Only one of Mick Foley's autobiographies can be classed as truly essential...


In the late-1990s, the idea of books dedicated to professional wrestling exploded as a medium. Suddenly, everyone from Mankind and The Rock to Chyna had a read on shop shelves. Not all of them were of the same quality, however. Some of them were downright poor.

Thankfully, there have been countless books since that have helped to up the general standard.

It'd be easy to imagine that this list would be comprised solely of wrestling autobiographies, but that would miss out so many essential titles. It's not only the actual wrestlers themselves who have so much to say; there are also books on shoot interviews, the history of entire promotions, and even crime novels that fully deserve to be featured.

Each one of these books is a must-read. Stories of youth, training, the road, the ring, and beyond make up much of the appeal. Crucially, let's not forget that oh-so-tempting allure of backstage dirt. That's a major reason why so many look forward to the release of wrestling reads!

Let's look at the wrestling books which people cherish most...


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