20 Most Embarrassing Wrestling Botches Of 2018

Titus Worldslide was EPIC, but where does it rank on this list of almighty screw-ups?


Who doesn't love a bloody good botch?

For better or worse, nothing in this sport goes viral faster than a skilled pro-wrestler making a tit of themselves on camera. These clips light Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook up in seconds, leaving the performers red-faced with embarrassment and fans reeling with laughter. Is it harsh? Absolutely, and there's no way those who find it funny could do what the wrestlers do on a nightly basis. That doesn't make big-time botches any less amusing, though.

A few criteria before we begin. First, no flubs that resulted in serious injury have been included. Entertainment is the focus here, not torture porn, so you won't find Hiromu Takahashi's neck-drop or any brick-throwing lucha libre fighters within. Secondly, in the interest of variety, we've restricted ourselves to a maximum of two botches per event; we could've probably populated half the list with screw-ups from the Greatest Royal Rumble alone.

Honourable mentions are legion, too. High-profile botches happen all the time, and even gathering 20 of the year's most hilarious barely scratches the surface, so go ahead and highlight any we missed down in the comments section below.

But enough talk: let's get to the f*ck-ups...

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