20 Pics Of WWE Superstars When They Were Young

Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, Daniel Bryan, Ronda Rousey, Braun Strowman and more...


Straight up, this is a collection of side-by-side photos that show what 20 WWE superstars look like now and what they looked like then.

When it "then" exactly? Well, it varies, but we've endeavoured to pick the most interesting snaps from their lives. Some are from childhood, others adolescence, and a few even show select stars as aspiring young pro wrestlers. There's also a nice mix of Raw and SmackDown names in here to help keep things varied too.

A few of the choices may surprise you. Ever wondered what Nia Jax looked like in high school? How about finding out what kinda' style Seth Rollins was rocking during his formative years in the business? Both of those are here, and so are pics for the likes of Kurt Angle, Ronda Rousey, Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch, Braun Strowman and more.

'The Man' couldn't have been any further from the truth in Becky's youth, Finn Bálor wasn't quite an ordinary man doing extraordinary things yet and Daniel Bryan was more prone to a cheeky smile than a passion-filled rant about protecting the planet from harm...

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