20 Things You Learn Watching WWE Since 1997

How has the WWE product evolved since the 90s boom period?

Stone Cold Steve Austin Attitude Era

During WWE's Attitude Era, millions of new fans were turned onto the company's product and pro wrestling in general. The result was a boom for the sport that eventually led WWE to put WCW out of business and become a billion-dollar entity.

Many teenagers and pre-teens were drawn in by the Attitude Era and the wild excitement that became a regular part of programming. While that particular era wouldn't last long, and a ton of fans tuned out by the early 2000s, those who stuck around developed a deep love for the sport. It carried them through the leaner years and often exposed them to other organizations.

As the Attitude Era converts enter their 20th year watching the product, quite a bit has obviously changed. Most of the faces are different, and young up-and-comers that fans once watched debut are now grizzled veterans. At the same time, though, a lot is the same - both good and bad.

Studying what's changed and what hasn't is a good way to understand just what the McMahons have learned, and what still eludes them.


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