20 Worst WWE Matches Since 2000

Vince McMahon's little shop of horrors.

kane khali

WWE are the most inconsistent promotion in the world when it comes to the in-ring product.

Pure wrestling has never been their main focus, but even in the modern era, when athletic standards are higher than ever before, Vince McMahon's company still deal in unwatchable dreck. This is unfortunate, because their roster has never been short of exciting talent - WWE just don't get the best from them between the ropes.

This is partly by design. WWE's PG rating, in-ring restrictions, formulaic main event style, and soap opera melodrama means they'll never churn out ****+ bouts with the regularity of an NJPW or PWG. Regardless, there's no excuse for some of the atrocities that have gone down under their banner since 2000, many of which sit amongst the most cringeworthy content the sport has ever produced.

Some of these bouts veer towards "so bad, it's good" territory, while others are so abject they'll drain your very soul. Whatever the case, none are anywhere close to the standards one should expect the from the biggest promotion in the world, and only warrant a re-watch if you absolutely hate yourself...


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