20 Wrestling Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Pointless pro wrestling trivia and minutiae to test your patience to breaking point.


Just as with film and music fanatics, there's a compulsion amongst 'smart' pro wrestling fans to know as much as possible about their specialist subject - and the more esoteric the trivia, the better.

Unlike film or music however, pro wrestling is an art form based around live performance, with the ongoing action (and mainstream credibility) of comic books or daytime soap opera. Smart marks tend to have the best (or worst) of both worlds: the high-minded attitude that comes with a fine appreciation of the nuances and subtleties of a truly unique art form, coupled with the paranoia and persecution anxiety of the geek that knows he's being judged for liking it.

What does all that mean? Essentially, it's just a high-minded, paranoid way of saying that if you tell a pro wrestling fan that you know pro wrestling trivia he or she doesn't know, eight out of ten of them will take that as a personal challenge and one will take it as a personal insult. Articles like this - or 30 Surprising WWE Facts You Probably Didn’t Know, or 20 More Surprising WWE Facts You Probably Didn't Know - can be like a red rag to a bull... which is all part of the fun of writing them.

Of course, by this point the law of diminishing returns is just red tape - so here, 20 Wrestling Facts You Probably Didn't Know, this time with the remit expanded to include non-WWE trivia and minutiae.

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