20 Years On From WWE In Your House: Canadian Stampede's Main Event: Where Are They Now?

Ten Of The Best.


It remains rightfully one of the most celebrated supershows in WWE history, with a blistering headliner that remains as enthralling as any the company has ever managed to present.

July 1997's In Your House: Canadian Stampede is a near-perfect pay-per-view, rich in diversity, physicality and drama that so rarely resonates through the product two decades later. The last of the tidy two hour B-shows, the supercard doesn't pause for breath, offering four uniquely absorbing encounters that beautifully build in stature before arriving at a jaw-dropping main event.

After Triple H and Mankind had brawled throughout the arena, The Great Sasuke and Taka Michinoku had given WWE audiences a brand new look at a completely different style and The Undertaker and Vader had engaged in their best ever match together over the company's top title, it was time for one of the organisation's all-time great main events.

Taking place on the Hart Family's home turf, the partisan Calgary...Alberta, Canada crowd were spoilt with a ten-man tag featuring every single member of Bret Hart's aggressive new Hart Foundation against Stone Cold Steve Austin and his rag-tag gang of American insurgents.

Not for the last time that year, the company played off the civil war they'd curated, with the Canadian fans deeply invested in their local heroes to such a degree that rising megastar Austin and his comrades were mercilessly booed. A magnificent spectacle, it ended up being a last hoorah for several of the combatants, and began a journey for others into entirely new realms.


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