2017 WWE Superstar Shake-Up Ranked - From Worst To Best

19. The Shining Stars

Shining Stars Colons

If this were a Sporcle quiz naming the performers who moved brand back in April, the chances are that Primo and Epico Colón would be the last two named. Going one further, most fans probably couldn’t guess which brand they were on in the first place. The Shining Stars are at the very bottom of the WWE tag team totem pole these days.

The Colóns’ life on the blue brand got off to a decent start, when they picked up a win over former SmackDown Tag Team Champions American Alpha. This was followed by a whole lot of nothing, before Primo picked up a serious knee injury in June. The former matadors haven’t been seen since.

Despite being two undeniably talented professional wrestlers, it is hard to imagine a world in which Primo and Epico Colón are important cogs in the WWE machine. Whether The Colóns return to SmackDown Live is somewhat irrelevant at this point.


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