2017 WWE Superstar Shake-Up Ranked - From Worst To Best

Seven months on from the Superstar Shake-Up, who are the winners and losers?

Superstar Shake-up

Immediately following WrestleMania 33, Vince McMahon announced that he was going to ‘shake things up’ in WWE. The Chairman of the Board was alluding to another draft, giving Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan the opportunity to get down to brass tacks and engage in a little bit of wheeling and dealing. The two former world champions had a week to negotiate, and on 10 ans 11 April the moves were made.

A total of 21 trades (two of which involved announcers) happened over two nights in April, as champions both former and current moved from RAW to SmackDown Live and vice versa. Many of the trades made sense at the time, with a number of superstars seriously in need of some fresh surroundings. Other deals made little sense, or simply involved irrelevant performers making irrelevant moves.

Just over six months have passed since the shake-up, and the time has come to take stock of the moves made back in April. Who has been a success? Has anyone stalled? Did RAW get the better of the shake-up, or was it another victory for Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon?


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