21 Coolest Things You Can Buy From WWE Shop Now

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WWE Shop

If there's one thing you can say about WWE, it's that they absolutely know how to convince their fans to part with their pocket money. If they're not putting on PPVs every few weeks (not as much as they were, admittedly), they're putting out new merchandise that everyone has to buy and there's a reason why they celebrate who their top merch sellers are.

It's not just how they chart who is successful (and thus who should be pushed into good storylines), but it also adds competition for fans to boost their favourites up the rankings.

And while a significant portion of WWE merch sales will inevitably be t-shirts, there's far more on the WWE Shop than just tops celebrating Big Dogs, Showoffs or Kings of Kings. There are some weird and wonderful items, but there are also some seriously cool gift ideas for the wrestling fans in your life (or just to lavish on yourself). You're going to want to get your wallets ready.

With merch sales still on the up and more and more items available, it's important you know what the best things you can get for your hard-earned money are...

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