20 Rare Brie Bella Pics You Need To See

'Brie Mode' is in full effect with this mix of candid and rare shots!

Currently in World Wrestling Entertainment, Nikki Bella is the more heavily pushed member of The Bella Twins. That hasn't always been the case, and her sister Brie continues to be by her side. Many fans have lauded the attempts made by both to become better in-ring performers. The improvements have been clear over the past few years, and both Brie and Nikki have come a long way. A storyline feud involving both in 2014 was never really given a satisfying conclusion. After months of bitter sniping at one another, the Bella sisters simply made up, and put their disagreements down to being siblings. This wasn't good enough for most fans, but the sorry episode has thankfully been largely forgotten about by ringsiders. Along with Nikki, Brie made her WWE debut way back in 2007. At first, the duo were used mainly as wrestlers, before becoming more like non-wrestling personalities than actual grapplers. Leaving the company in 2012, The Bella Twins would resurface the following year, after spending a short time on the independent scene. Since then, Nikki has entered a relationship with John Cena, whilst Brie Bella had married the ever-popular Daniel Bryan. The marriage is thriving, and both Brie and Bryan seem well-suited to one another. That's evident in some of these rare pictures, which show Brie at her most beautiful, inside and outside of the ring.
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