22 WTF Moments From TNA Impact (Nov 18)

EC3 = Gollum?

This week's Impact may not have been quite as unconscionably awful as many recent episodes, but it still served up the usual brand of hilarious, awful and bizarre moments, from EC3's ever-entertaining mic skills, to that ear-assaultingly terrible commentary, some horrendous match finishes, cringe-worthy dancing and, of course, the usual technical peculiarities. At least the World Title Series is edging closer to its more interesting stages, and next week the line-up for the final 16 will be unveiled, so it'll especially be interesting to see who advancing Knockouts Gail Kim and Awesome Kong will be facing off against. TNA fans know what to expect now week in and week out: it's the car wreck you just can't look away from. Here are 22 WTF moments from this week's Impact Wrestling...

22. Brooke Gives Awesome Kong The Finger

During the opening match between Brooke and Awesome Kong, Brooke was clearly aggravated by her finger injury, and after becoming frustrated with Kong's attacks, decided to tell her what she thought, by giving her what appeared to be two middle fingers, but of course, it was blurred out, because we must protect the children from those dangerous hand signals! Cue Kong's hilariously shocked face, which was easily the best part of the match.
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