25 Best Wrestling PPVs Ever

Fifteen years later, is 'Mania X-Seven still the wrestling PPV standard-bearer?


The perfect wrestling card, loosely, should follow a simple, proven formula:

A frenetically-paced, unpredictable opener designed to engage, intoxicate and keep the audience guessing, followed by a succession of similarly-paced matches to sustain the momentum - kept to a minimum content-wise in order to not overshadow the feature bouts.

A lengthier match should be slotted in at the midway point to make best use of the incited fever pitch and to reinforce or promote the real and emerging stars - before a designated cool-down match or two is wheeled out to preserve the heat of the main event, which ideally should be imbued with significant, unmissable stakes.

This isn't always the case. One need look no further than 2000-era WCW to see that even a talented roster, when subjected to rudderless direction, is unable to rescue an event from the depths of creative malaise.

Wrestling cards can even be too good - several semi-final matches and main events from recent NXT TakeOver specials have suffered from audience exhaustion resulting from pacing issues.

The shows discussed here, however, are uniformly outstanding, veering across an enviable spectrum of in-ring quality and storyline progression - the absolute best in wrestling's vaunted history...


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