25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Aug 6th)

In which Sheamus discovers filters.


It's been a dark week for WWE Instagram. It's the legitimate end of an era. Fans will be forced to the streets wearing red to mourn the passing of an icon out of the WWE doors for probably the very las time. Eva Marie is no more. Well, not as a WWE employee anyway. In light of that, everything else seems almost trivial.

But the world still turned, the clocks weren't stopped, the sun wasn't dismantled: instead WWE went on as if nothing had happened, with news that Samoa Joe might be taking the Universal belt off Brock Lesnar while he goes for a punchy holiday in UFC.

There was news also of John Cena's impending feud with Baron Corbin too, and a move to Raw, the ominous shadow of "major cutbacks" and the sad news that the Great Khali's WWE return is already over. It's a time for change once more, and yet turning to superstar social media suggests that it's all the same: they're still there posting selfies and being sun-kissed, lapping up the Likes and in Sheamus' case, dicscovering that they look phenomenal under a Snapchat filter.

At least there's a dependable constant there.

This was the week in WWE Instagram...

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