25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (July 23rd)

The social road to Battleground...


With Battleground firmly on the horizon, a good deal of this week's WWE news has focused on the rumours and predictions of the results that could happen at the poorly undersold event. Let's hope for another Great Balls Of Fire sized surprise success.

But away from the PPV event, there has also been a hint of Brock Lesnar's forthcoming departure (after Mania next year) to get back into UFC, as well as another tease that John Cena might be on his way out too. It's bad news for WWE, but he says his days are numbered, which makes greater focus on merch-selling marvel Roman Reigns even more likely in the long-run.

More potential bad news suggests Kurt Angle isn't going to be wrestling with WWE after all, that Paige's career might be in jeopardy and that Talking Smack is no more. Doom very much following gloom, though there's some glimmer of hope in Rey Mysterio's potential return and improved viewing figures.

And through all of that, the WWE superstars found the positivity to still post on social media, sharing sunny, summer selfies, workouts and boastfulness as ever.

This was the week in WWE Instagram...

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