25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Oct 29th)

Halloween, beasting and beach life...


Now that TLC is out of the way, it's almost time to close the book on WWE's 2017 PPVs, with only Survivor Series and Clash of Champions to come. More importantly, it's also almost the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Halloween, you heathens), and you know what that means - countless fancy dress costumes all over the WWE universe's social media.

In between the dress-up shoots, there's also news of what's to come at penultimate PPV of the year, with rumours of John Cena refereeing Jinder Mahal and Brock Lesnar's match and the possibility of Stone Cold and The Rock appearing. If they can get the wrestling up to the level of the special appearances, we might be in for a treat.

There's also news that Roman Reigns will be back soon, that Kurt Angle might have more wrestling on his schedule soon and that Ronda Rousey looks like she's heading to WWE. All good for ratings, presumably, but not as exciting as seeing Matt hardy dressed up as his son's favourite TV character. Because there's nothing more adorable on Earth than that, frankly.

This was the week in WWE Instagram...

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