25 Things You Didn't Know About Vince McMahon

Vampires, illegal booze, the ups and downs of a 50-YEAR TV career and making dogs sh*t themselves...


It's the wrestling autobiography the whole fanbase wants and will never get.

Vince McMahon's story will forever be one cobbled together rare interviews, bizarre soundbites and other people's anecdotes...oh, and over half a life spent portraying an exaggerated version of himself on television.

A rumoured biopic on the Chairman appears as close as the world will ever get to understanding what makes a man as crackers as WWE's head honcho, but the tentatively-titled 'Pandamonium' tragically still remains in pre-production. And that's assuming he doesn't allegedly re-write the whole thing on an alleged Class A binge allegedly over the course of one weekend like he allegedly did alongside Hulk Hogan with No Holds Barred back in 1988. Allegedly.

Indeed, for all McMahon has exposed of himself on camera over most of all of our lives and two separate deep dives from government forces, there's plenty of him that remains sketchy or secretive. How a man of such ludicrous make-up can keep anything a secret deserves Federal investigation in its own right. This collection of closeted skeletons and quirky assides probably don't even scratch the surface of what really lurks beneath, but it's Vince - they're wild all the same.


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