30 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (June 27)

Seth went there... he really, really went there...



That's right, you lovely people out there no longer need to put up with the calpol flavoured ramblings of Jack The Jobber. Your King has returned from France having conquered the Russians and the Marseille Ultras and is ready for action.

This week's episode of WWE RAW looked like being a weird one following the events of last week. This was the first RAW since Roman Reigns was handed a 30-day suspension for breaching the company's wellness policy. Would they bring it up in any way shape or form? Or would they - as I fully expect them to do - protect their guy and brush it under the carpet without mention before a hero's return for the main event of Battleground in that Triple Threat against Seth Rollins and new champion Dean Ambrose?

God I hope they have someone bring it up! They should really, I mean, who didn't see the announcement pop up on WWE.com? Everybody knows. It'd just be nothing more than awkward and a tad 'cringey' if they didn't.

With this being the mid-point between pay per views we're at a state of flux in the WWE Universe. Potential rivalries are starting to raise their heads though, with a couple of matches surely set to be made during the course of this episode.

Here's 30 WTF Moments. Only 30?!?!? I'm going sawft. Watch the video here!

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