33 Most Defining WWE WrestleMania Images

A visual history of the biggest wrestling show on the planet.


WrestleMania, by this stage of its life, has transcended wrestling. Much like the Super Bowl eclipsing the entire NFL, 'Mania draws mainstream attention and casual fans like nothing else else in the business. It's not just a wrestling show; it combines athleticism, celebrity, jaw-dropping aesthetics and American razzmatazz - all tied together by a real sense of global community, as fans from all across the world come together each April. As we approach the 33rd edition of Vince McMahon's annual spectacular, it's staggering to see how far the event has come.

Perhaps 'how far it has come' is the wrong phrase, as it implies that 'Mania started off humbly. From Mr T. teaming with Hulk Hogan at the inaugural event, to the gargantuan WrestleMania III, all the way through to Shane McMahon's terrifying dive from the side of the Hell in a Cell structure, it has provided wrestling fans with more stories and moments than they could possibly have hoped for.

So what better way to celebrate the impending WrestleMania 33 than with 33 of the event's most defining images, chronicling not only the journey WWE's flagship PPV has taken, but the journey it's taken all of us along for as well.

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