40 Best Wrestling Photos Of 2018

James Ellsworth is included. No, not *those* photos.


Say what you like about wrestling in 2018, but it was certainly memorable.

It was rarely brilliant - particular where WWE was concerned - but it provided us with oodles of moments we're bound to be discussing for the next few decades. Part of being a wrestling fan is living within our memories - and talking about them ad nauseum.

Luckily for us, we live in age where those memories are much easier to cling on to, thanks to the all-pervading, ever-presence of millions of tiny digital eyes, committing each and every second to the cloud for posterity. Eventually, we won't have to remember anything at all. In the case of some WWE shows this year, that might not have been a bad thing.

It's probably best we do - if not least to remind Vince and co. for all eternity that, yes, they really did forego every possible ethic to do two shows in Saudi Arabia. And, like everything, it was all caught on film.

These, then, are the most sumptuous snaps from the last twelve months, including dramatic title wins, tearful goodbyes, a whole lotta sign pointing - and at least one fake sumo wrestler encountering a fake leprechaun.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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