5 Major Mistakes WWE Made With The Superstar Shake-up

Aha Shake Heartbreak


The 'Superstar Shake-up' represents one of WWE's least jarring linguistic quirks. Whilst "building momentum" "creates separation" between one's self and sanity, the rebadged draft actually kicks open a few declarative doors.

At home with the fun of a pun, cups runneth over with possible wordplays thanks to the prevalence of 'Shake' in the history of pop culture. Others on this site and elsewhere will have made lemonade with Raw's lemons and chicken salad from Miz' exceptional turn as SmackDown Live!'s newest chickensh*t - the Superstar Shake-up is indeed kind to the layman lexicographer.

It's supposed to be nice to the performers too.

It seems safe to presume with relative assurance (the only true assurance in 2018) that Shelton Benjamin won't be headlining a pay-per-view in the near future, but even he got some microphone time before re-announcing himself as a singles star with a choice contest against Jeff Hardy. He lost his partner Chad Gable to Raw via a post-show announcement on WWE.com - a fairly clear indication that WWE are making some of this up as they go along.

Maybe that's why they were in some cases so negligent? SmackDown Live! looks on paper to house one of the most talent-heavy rosters in recent history, whilst Raw's bloat wasn't reduced by taking the blue brand's scraps 24 hours earlier.

Perhaps the company booked the entire thing to vindicate Triple H's pre-WrestleMania remarks about Kurt Angle being an 'idiot'. It would at least offer some storyline justification for some fairly significant slip-ups.


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