5 Men Qualify For WWE Money In The Bank 2016 Ladder Match

Who will be the next "guaranteed" WWE Champion?

Cesaro Qualifies For MITB

With Extreme Rules in the past, attention now turns to WWE's next Pay-Per-View event, Money in the Bank.

The main event for the show - WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns versus Seth Rollins - has already been announced, but as always, fans are also awaiting the show's eponymous multi-man match.

On Monday's Raw, five men qualified to be part of the Money in the Bank ladder match - Sami Zayn (who defeated 2015 MITB winner Sheamus), Cesaro (who defeated 2010 winner The Miz), Chris Jericho (who defeated Apollo Crews), Dean Ambrose (who defeated 2012 winner Dolph Ziggler), and Kevin Owens (who defeated AJ Styles).

Notably, every single match ended cleanly, with the winner using his finishing move to gain victory.

aj styles kevin owens

First held in 2005, the Money in the Bank ladder match is contested for a briefcase holding a contract for a shot at the WWE Championship. The winner can cash the contract in at any point within a year after capturing it, giving him the element of surprise.

A win in the Money in the Bank match is portrayed as a guaranteed future title reign, given that only two men in history - John Cena and Damien Sandow - have failed to successfully cash in their contracts.

According to a graphic shown on Raw, the bout will have seven participants total. The dates of, and competitors for, the following two qualifying matches have not yet been announced.

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