5 More WWE Tales From Wrestlers' Court

4. Enzo Gets Kicked Off The Bus


Seth Rollins told fans a while back that Wrestlers' Court was no longer a thing, and most of us were inclined to believe him. After all, there aren't many old-school veterans left in the company, the last of them - The Undertaker - hanging up his boots earlier this year.

However, reports suggest that the concept may have been revived over the summer after Enzo became a WWE nuisance by bringing groupies into the off-limits backstage area, and generally failing to show due respect for the sacred locker room rules.

His punishment, so reports say, was that he was abruptly kicked off the Monday Night Raw tour bus by a unanimous vote, and presumably therefore made to find his own way to the next show.

Despite his real-life reputation, you could be forgiven for thinking Enzo is in the midst of the biggest push of his career, having recently won his second Cruiserweight Title in as many months. Maybe there's something to be said for being a pain in the ass after all.