5 Most Infamous Illegitimate Son Wrestling Storylines

Congratulations - it’s a boy!


Kurt Angle announced on Raw this week that the big secret hanging over him was that he actually had an illegitimate son; with that son being none other than American Alpha’s Jason Jordan. Yeah…

Once the chorus of worldwide forehead slapping had finally finished reverberating around the globe, reality soon set in that WWE had once again wasted what could have well been fantastically intriguing booking with a nonsensical, unbelievable storyline.

But this is far from the first time that wrestling has taken a dive into the gene pool for storyline purposes. Join us as we crack open the classified cabinet of kayfabe and inspect the confidential family files of five illegitimate son angles.

5. Kurt Angle & Jason Jordan


Starting at the most recent, Kurt Angle revealed on the July 17th episode of Raw that Jason Jordan was (in storyline) his own son; a chip off the old block; the fruit of his proverbial lions. “WTF?” I hear you ask/exclaim/sigh? Well...here goes.

Based on Angle’s explanation, the connection between the two stems from an apparent relationship Angle had during his university days at Clarion; where Angle stated he had been going out with a girl who he supposedly impregnated before they split – unbeknownst to our Olympic Hero.

The unnamed girl eventually gave birth to a baby boy nine months later and Jason Jordan was born. Jordan was apparently put up for adoption after that and, years later, Jordan would eventually uncover the “truth” behind his existence using a private investigator. Oh it’s true; it’s damn true...or, in this case, completely false.

With Angle’s secret and impending announcement looming for weeks prior, fans were left salivating at the prospect of a Dixie Carter reveal that could spark some form of cross promotional war, with a nod to Kurt’s tenure in TNA. If that was too much of a stretch, many believed that WWE would simply opt to rekindle the Kurt/Steph romance angle from 2000, inevitably leading to a showdown between Angle and Steph’s husband, Triple H.

But alas. Here we are.

As one half the American Alpha tag team on NXT and later Smackdown Live, Jordan has long been compared to Angle, due to the obvious similarity in styles and the overall presentation of his character as a thoroughbred athlete with a strong amateur background; with the same being said for his tag partner, Chad Gable. With Angle’s announcement of Jordan being his “son” and his apparent move to Raw, question marks immediately loom above the status of American Alpha as an active team.

Wrestling is often at its best when the drama and acting is done from bell to bell; not outside of the squared circle. With Jordan being a natural in the ring and inexperienced in the theatrics outside of it, surely the best option would be to play to his strengths and focus on his in-ring skills and not place him in a doomed scenario that not only necessitates acting and conviction, but also requires a healthy dose of suspension of disbelief from the audience.

The angle itself does open up the opportunity to explore a revamped Team Angle scenario, with Kurt leading the charge of American Alpha on Raw. The recurring rumours of Shelton Benjamin re-signing also add an element of intrigue to this concept and, with Angle himself presumably wrestling a very limited number of dates, a refreshed Team Angle led by Benjamin, flanked by Alpha and propped up by Kurt as the mouthpiece could work wonders long-term.

Whether the storyline surpasses expectations and hits a home run remains to be seen, but based on the lukewarm reaction from the crowd in attendance at Raw, WWE will be facing an uphill battle with this one. Having said that, stranger things have happened in wrestling and the crowd’s love for Kurt could prove to be the deciding factor in whether the storyline gets over or dies horribly.


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