5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Dec 1)

It is happening again.


Main roster WWE programming is riddled with plot holes. It's just something you have to accept as part of the life of a WWE fan, apparently, even though a company of their massive resources and self-proclaimed "only big league in town" posturing should shower it in disgrace.

Jason Jordan was removed from the Survivor Series main event because he wasn't "100%" in the storylines; meanwhile, his own team captain was literally holding his leg together with bandages - and the opposing team captain cannot cut a promo without breaking into a sweat. The man who replaced him on Team RAW, Triple H, hung on the fringes for large swathes of the match because he'd sustained a knock d*cking about in Shield gear on a UK house show, the extent of his involvement in which saw him duck out of a dive in a comedy spot.

Any notion of logic was sacrificed at the altar of nostalgia. The ageing brigade of headliners look more decrepit by the day, and yet, all indications point to towards the stars of the Attitude Era heading to the Road To WrestleMania 34 in pole position. That 'Mania 34 will emanate from New Orleans, site of a major would-be part-timer backlash just four years earlier, is apparently lost on Vince McMahon.

Monday was just another day at the office...


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