5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Dec 7)

WrestleMania On A Pole.

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We've been here before.

Vince Russo, as part of his hilariously misjudged premium 'Pyro and Ballyhoo' service, once embarked on a fantasy booking project around 2014. In his hands, bro, RAW was gonna get those ratings once again. Guess the very first story development he booked. Guess. Was it:

A) A swerve turn?

B) A swerve turn? Or

C) A swerve turn?

Swerve! It was a swerve turn.

Swerve! It was two swerve turns: Bray Wyatt, in this sad alternate timeline, turned on henchmen Erick Rowan and Luke Harper after feigning to beat down Goldust and Stardust. That way, nobody would have seen it coming! Unless they'd suffered through all those episodes of Nitro, of course. This all-heel feud (!) was to culminate at Hell In A Cell, which mind you already features more than one stipulation match, in a bout Russo coined 'Hillbilly Hell' - a hardcore attraction in which "anything goes". Anything except a traditional match, to which, like treating women as people and good taste, Russo is allergic.

Russo also mapped out a new story arc for the veteran Mark Henry, who, visibly scared of Rusev, instead set his sights on Sheamus...and his United States Championship. A known coward being granted a crack at gold? And you thought David Arquette boasted few title credentials!

In an unusual move, Russo has recently made another attempt at this tragic fantasy booking malarkey.

Not like Russo to fail at the same thing twice...!


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