5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Oct 5)

WWE Superstars are total dweebs.


WWE Superstars are total dweebs. The babyfaces especially.

These people are shocked to the core whenever they hear an entrance theme interrupting their promo segment…

…even though it happens multiple times on the same episode of flagship television. The stars of RAW can be excused for not watching the show back, and failing to foil the heels and their backstage scheming—RAW is Godawful—but there’s no excuse to act even annoyed by the interruption. It is sharp relief from the abysmal babyish babyface patter, if nothing else.

Ole Anderson once played a fake babyface for a full calendar year, like a method actor only slightly less detestable than Jared Leto, just to get in the same steel cage as—and his hands on—eternal rival Dusty Rhodes. He had to disrupt his entire day-to-day existence just to convince the Son of a Plumber that the leopard had changed his spots.

Mr. McMahon put his immediate family through hell just to convince Steve Austin that he was a changed man. This dedication to depravity was such that nobody thought less of Austin for falling for it. It helped that the Higher Power ruse made no sense, but the point remains the same: the great wrestling territories of old became great because they protected their babyfaces—the acts that the punters wish to see, and wish to support.

Even the WCW Uncensored ’96 Tower of Doom had an iota of the right idea.

But WWE, in 2018?


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