5 Pros And 4 Cons Of Bullet Club Elite Going To WWE

Should the Bullet Club Elite become the WWElite?

Being The Elite

In January, the decision of five men could send shockwaves throughout wrestling. Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, and Adam “Hangman” Page comprise the Bullet Club Elite, and they have been some of the most prominent faces outside of WWE.

However, that could soon change, as all their contracts with NJPW and Ring Of Honor are set to expire with the new year. They've made a pact to stay together regardless of what company they go to. They’re so serious about this, Page has turned down multiple offers from WWE in order to stay with BCE. Thus, they collectively wield negotiating leverage. It'll take a king's ransom to get them.

And it’s not like the BCE are just being coy about where they’re going to get attention. Dave Meltzer, a bosom buddy of the Elite, acknowledges that WWE and their dump trucks full of money are very much an option for the fivesome. Both Rhodes and Matt Jackson have talked about how it’s possible they’ll end up in WWE by January. Matt stressed that wherever they go, this coming year will be the one where “they get paid.”

Ignoring the money argument, let’s just assume that WWE are able to sway Cody, Kenny, Page, and the Young Bucks to sign with them. What would be the benefits for us as fans? What are the drawbacks?

Should the Elite become the WWElite?


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