5 Reasons Why Australian Pro Wrestling Is Practically Unheard Of

Recently, Australian wrestling icon and 8x IWA World Heavyweight Champion Mark Mercedes retired after 21 years and multiple title reigns to little or no fanfare. Which is why I have decided to write this article. Because as both a wrestling fan AND an Australian this does not sit well with me considering the fanaticism about sport in my beloved country. I love professional wrestling, have since I was but a mere young padawan living in Outback NSW. And in 2002 I attempted to follow a dream by training within the squared circle. Unfortunately due to physical limitations (that were ironically only discovered after I began my training) my time was short lived. BUT, I was there long enough to learn a lot. And to see a lot. And what I learned with my brief 12 month foray into the world of Australian professional wrestling was quite shocking to say the least. You see, there are reasons as to why you have never heard or seen the Aussie brand of sports entertainment. And because Mark Mercedes (not to mention countless others) deserve a hell of a lot better than to be sent off with nothing but a promo in front of a few hundred people, I have decided to present to you today the reasons I have come to believe as to why Australian wrestling is not at the forefront along with New Japan, ROH or dare I even say it, TNA!

Maybe this will pave the way for someone to finally realize the potential there is down under. I mean, come on, we were the innovators of professional wrestling for 50-60 years. What you see today in the WWE, a lot originated in the land down under. I believe in Mexico they still call six man tag matches "Relevos Australianos" (Australian Rules). And quite frankly, when it comes to the art of professional wrestling. Well, to paraphrase CM Punk, we have the best in the world down here. Although no one knows it.

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