5 Times Foul-Mouthed Announcers Dropped The F-Bomb

Four-Letter Fury


New Japan Pro Wrestling's relaxed attitude towards naughty language has provided hours of added-on entertainment thanks to the loose lips of some of its biggest stars.

From the future Finn Bálor swearing his head off as the original leader of Bullet Club to Togi Makabe fighting back against the crew with his his own choice diction, NJPW's provision of a more open dialogue for their second-language users has provided a number of wry smiles for the non-PG English-speaking crowd.

This could never occur with such frequency in North America, and perhaps with good reason. Even during the Attitude Era, WWE was still really marketed towards children - the company's lifeblood will always be fans getting hooked young and hooked good on Sports Entertainment just as they are cigarettes and alcohol when parents look the other way.

Despite this, select profanities have made it through over the years, but few have emerged from the most trusted professionals of all - the announcers. The pitchmen and reliable front-of-house staffers rarely speak out of turn, often having to make up for those that do. When they drop the ball - or the bomb - it's an extra special Easter egg.


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