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Like it or not wrestling promoters the world over have always thought their fans were stupid. Whether it was repackaging an old superstar as someone new or creating completely hokey reasons for a superstars’ absence from television, guys like Vince McMahon have tried their hardest to pull the wool over our eyes for as long as the great sport of wrestling has existed in its current form.

Sometimes they were quite good at disguising wrestlers with new gimmicks. I mean who would have ever thought that Barry Darsow was both Demolition Smash AND Repo Man in the WWF or that Goldust was Dustin son of the American Dream Rhodes. On the reverse of the coin promoters have also assumed that their fans never watch the competition. Never was this more obvious than when McMahon and co. attempted to pass a revered veteran like Barry Windham off as The Stalker. Thanks for the vote of confidence guys! This would be like John Cena showing up on TNA programming under a whole new name and gimmick. It just doesn’t work.

But sometimes wrestling fans are their own worst enemies. Even in this enlightened age of the internet fans – or marks – still believe some of the most ridiculous of lies and mistruths that float around wrestling communities no matter how far fetched or inexplicably stupid they may be. But worry no more you misguided fools because I am here to dispel 5 of the biggest lies, mistruths and legends that have been doing the rounds for years.

Whether or not you chose to believe them is up to you but we’d recommend you keep us in mind as your phone a friend on Who Wants to be a Millionaire if your million pound question happens to be about pro wrestling.

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This article was first posted on August 21, 2013