5 WWE Stars Who Could Have Success in TNA

800px-Big_Show Following my previous article where I listed five superstars who would have a lot of success in the WWE, this is a sequel where I list the five superstars who should jump ship to TNA, since they will have more success in the organization where wrestling matters. TNA is a brilliant industry, who, in their short period of time, has made themselves into a brand-new wrestling industry, with several factors which makes it the best wrestling company in the world, only second to the WWE. However, there are some superstars in the WWE who are being mistreated and have no direction, and are just losing matches at Superstars and Main Event. Therefore, there should always be a solution to their problem, and TNA's problem. TNA is having a crisis with ratings, and WWE cannot use some of their performers. Therefore, what is the solution? Simple. TNA should sign the following stars to a contract. These superstars are not only massively talented, but can get a huge spike in the ratings, and can improve themselves. TNA, honestly, can also give them an opportunity to shine, and prove that they indeed are better than what the 'other company' thought they could be. Therefore, here are the five superstars who would be successful if they jumped ship from WWE to TNA.

5. Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro The former United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro has been a wonderful wrestler for the WWE. In his short stay in the WWE, Antonio Cesaro has impressed one and many with wrestling ability and his promo skills. Debuting as a wrestler who loved American, but not it's citizens, Cesaro played an effective heel who played with the emotions of every American, including insulting every big monument. However, gradually, Cesaro would dwindle down, and he modified his gimmick to an American United States Champion who had to represent his country. Then, he began yodeling, and that was the moment where Cesaro's career turned in the opposite direction. At first everyone was expecting big things from the Swedish Superstar, yet, he didn't even make it on the WrestleMania card. Now, he's lost his United States Title, and is barely featured on RAW, or Smackdown. If he does go to IMPACT, he would be pushed further than he would ever be in the WWE. He could be a great TV Champion, and then, slowly, he could win the BFG series and finally become the World Heavyweight Champion. Cesaro could also play a great face and be the face of the company. That situation might not be visible in the near future, but it might happen, but one thing's for sure: he wouldn't get much recognition in the WWE, while he could win a championship in TNA. Cesaro would definitely benefit if he had a career in TNA, since the WWE doesn't realize that they have gold in Cesaro.
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