6 More Times Wrestlers Performed Their Finishers In Movies

6. Macho Man Randy Savage - Spider-Man

Randy Savage Bonesaw Spider-man
Columbia Pictures

Going to start here because this was an absolutely unforgivable oversight on behalf of work experience bod we had do the first version of this. The last ever Macho Man Elbow Drop captured on camera was for none other than the 2002 Spider-Man movie.

Setting up for the seminal scene in which Peter Parker effectively uses his superpowers to beat up a dude in his 60s and defraud a wrestling promotion, Macho Man drops the elbow on what’s either one of the lesser known Dudley Boyz (like Sign Guy or Chubby) or Jules. Impossible to tell which.

Anyway after that Spider-Man takes him on and his horrified to discover that cage matches allow for weapon use - do you even watch the product bro? He kicks him in the dick a few times, hits one monkey flip and is given $3,000 for his troubles. A massive victory for the young hero but, then again, Bonesaw’s uncle wasn’t subsequently killed later that night so I mean who’s the real winner?

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