6 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Nov 24)

The most Triple H week to have ever Triple H'd.

Triple H Loves It Doesn't He

Triple H is the most divisive figure in the entirety of modern wrestling.

This is the guy who either worked with the guy who made the money, or the guy whose legendary 2000 run bolstered what would have been the company's most profitable year ever, had it not been for that pesky XFL business. This is the guy who is either in the all-time great conversation, or whose CV is littered with some much boring trash that, if anything, he is the most overrated 'legend' in pro wrestling history. This is the guy who either loves making a right tw*t out of everybody underneath him, or securing the very future of his inherited company through the awesomeness that is NXT.

This is the guy who is either deeply insecure, or incredibly self-assured. The guy who is clearly a mark for the NWA, or who inhabits the trademark WWE toxicity as much as the guy who built the company as it exists today. The guy for whom the spotlight sustains him via photosynthesis, or the guy who, miraculously, has yet to wrestle in an NXT ring.

Triple H went full Triple H this weekend.

Full Triple H...


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